Friday, 16 May 2014

Euler Piruleta Vs. His Pet

Euler would never have an ordinary pet such as a cat, a dog or a Guinean pig Instead, he has a 5-feet Bear, which requires 60% of what he earns in food.

Due to the current financial breakdown in Matfor, Euler couldn’t feed properly his beloved bear and he escaped looking for something to eat. These are the directions the bear took
1)    First he headed 300km South
2)    Then, he went 400km to the East
3)    Finally, when he realised that he really missed his owner Euler, he run North and he got home

The question may seem strange, but it is not Which is the colour of Euler’s pet?

Note: the colour may not be any those depicted in the drawing.

Dedline: Sunday, 25th of May
Printable version available here.

The video below shows 10 outstanding visual effects which have been created without any CGI (Computer Generated Images), they are old-fashion-style but impresive :D What do you prefer? CGI or practical effects?

PS:  Dragneel and Cesar Romero got 30 coins and V-Lo 60 coins solving last challenge.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Euler Piruleta Vs. Himself

The evil Lords of Matfor have created an Euler Piruleta Clone using a technique they learnt thanks to compulsively playing two thousand hours to Tomb Raider I.

Euler faces his fake-himself for the first time while he is visiting a round square. Both of them freak out and start running in opposite directions at the same speed.

Every time they meet, they freak out, and run changing the directions with one little difference: after every future encounter one of them will change his speed to half of his previous speed.

They change their speeds alternatively (let’s say that Euler is the first who changes his speed. Then after they meet, FakEuler changes the speed, after the next meeting, Euler changes his speed once again, and then FakEuler… this goes on forever and ever…)

How many times do they have to meet before they face themselves once again at the start position?

Deadline: Monday, 28th of April
Printable version available

Every correct answer will be awarded with 30 coins if only the answer is given and with 30 extra coins (making a total of 60) if a thorough explanation is featured.

Lara Croft Versus Doppleganger

PS: IBatman, V-Lo, Cesar Romero and The Headhunter have been awarded with 40 coins for solivng our last challenge!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Euler Piruleta Vs. The Labyrinth

Our beloved hero has been mysteriously teleported into a bizarre labyrinth. It seems the responsible for this is Jareth the Goblin King, who was bored stiff and decided to put Euler into this trial. 

Help Euler to get to the teleport pod to leave this nerve-wracking maze!

  -   Print the labyrinth’s map and fold it as if it were a cylinder.
  -   This way you will have the chance of continuing your path.
  -   Draw the path which leads into the pod on the paper.
  -    Hand in your solution with your name written on the back side.

Deadline: February the 28th.

Printable version available (and required!!)

This challenge is based on the famous 1986 Jim Henson's film "Labyrinth". Jim Henson is also responsible for the creation of "The Muppets". Althouth it is a film mainly aimed to children, it is indeed a classic and I therefore recommend you to give it a try ;) (you will even find some interesing logic challenges in it)

Furthermore, Labyrinth's main actor is David Bowie!! (who also wrote and performed the featured songs)

"Underground" - David Bowie (aka Jareth the Goblin King)

PS: IBatman, V-Lo, Cesar Romero and Stark have won 40 coins each thanks to their solution of the 2€ challenge :D

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Euler Piruleta Vs. The 2€ Coin

Euler Piruleta was once a rascal and he didn’t manage to obtain his ESO degree. Now he has been threatened that he will be expelled of Matfor if he doesn’t pass the only exam he failed that time: Similarity and Trigonometry!  

Since this is now your area of expertise, can you help Euler to solve this problem?

How far do we have to place a 2 coin from our eye to completely cover the Moon?

The information below is everything you will need to solve it:
-         Moon’s Diameter: 3476 Km
-         Distance Moon-Earth: 384.000 Km
-         Coin’s Diameter: 28 mm

Tip: you know how this works draw the situation described and you will be able to solve the problem! :D

You will get 20 coins if you send the right answer and 20 extra coins if you explain how you got the code!

Printable Version available!

Deadline: February the 9th.

PS: Cesar Romero and TaniaPopcorn have received 40 coins and TheHeadhunter 20 for the solution of the previous challenge!

This is a song I've been particularly enjoying these days...

Estelle feat. Kanye West - American Boy

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Euler Piruleta Vs. The Box

Euler Piruleta feels exhausted after those past two ordeals he went through (the zombies and all that stuff). Luckily enough for him, he had a great Christmas time with his family (some strange fellows though).

His grandfather knows he keeps risking his life to help the people of Maftor, so he decided to give him his invisibility cloak he once had stolen from Harry Potter.

Everything seems quite straightforward so far, but Euler’s grandfather is some sort of a joker and thus he set a lock in the magic box. Euler must get the code to open it if he wants to retrieve the invisibility cloak trapped inside!

The code is formed by the 10 numbers which should be written in the sentence below in such way that it makes sense (including the numbers written in the gaps!)

In this sentence the number of times the 0 appears is ___ , the 1 is ___ , the 2 is ___ , the 3 is ___ , the 4 is ___ , the 5 is ___ , the 6 is ___ ,
the 7 is ___ , the 8 is ___ and  the 9 is ___ .

That is, you have to complete those 10 gaps using numbers from 0 to 9 (which can be repeated) to get a coherent sentence. For example, if you use only the number 1:

In this sentence the number of times the 0 appears is 1 ,
the 1 is 9 , the 2 is 1 , the 3 is 1 , the 4 is 1 , the 5 is 1 ,
the 6 is 1 , the 7 is 1 , the 8 is 1 and  the 9 is 1 .

It would be wrong because you can find 2 numbers 9 in the sentence and not 1!!

Help poor Euler to get his invisibility cloak!!

You will get 20 coins if you send the right answer and 20 extra coins if you explain how you got the code!

Printable Version available!

Deadline: January the 26th.

PS: Jorge Stark, Cesar Romero, Popcorn and Headhunter have received 40 extra coins thanks to the last challenge!

Palanquilla's Song: You probably don't know who Leonard Cohen is and I guess you will not like his music (but you will in the forseeable future, trust me). Anyway, if you play this song and wait to the position 04:26 you'll hear Palanquilla's fake laughter.

Leonard Cohen - First We Take Manhattan